Funerals are important. It symbolises the celebration of a life that touched many hearts and is now on its final road back home. A funeral service allows an opportunity to acknowledge the beginning of a world without a loved one and provides comfort to a family and friends who are grieving.

While it may seem cynical, talking about your death and funerals we would like this chance to not only highlight the importance of funerals but also why one should prepare for their funeral while living.

Recent studies have revealed that the average cost of a funeral ceremony in the UK would sum to be close to £4,271. Now, depending on the type of funeral service you choose to have for your loved ones (or yourself) you could be seen to pay at least £1,712 for direct cremation, or otherwise, an average of £3,986 and a burial can cost you as much as £5,000.

Now that is a very expensive price for the dead to be paying and for a family who has just loved their loved one, so what can be done?

A final expense life insurance is a life insurance scheme that is particularly engineered to take care of this problem. This insurance policy takes care of all your last needs including your last medical bills.

How does a final expense life insurance work?

Final expense life insurance is easy to purchase and are a very efficient way of making sure your funeral costs are taken care of and the burden does not fall on your family. The premiums for the insurance policy are charged at minimum rates and are very affordable and the policy is not term dependent, meaning it will pay off regardless of when you die.

The policy, however, is only available for individuals who belong to a certain age group. Most life insurers only allow individuals over the age of 45 and under the age of 85 to apply for the insurance policy. In the event the policyholder passes before the policy has reached maturity, the insurers shall return all money paid towards the policy and pay an additional interest calculated at a nominal rate of 10%

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