Fact: Millions of women have been found to have no life insurance and critical illness insurance cover plans in place.

A research study conducted by Aegon UK, an insurance provider company, has conclusively published that while seven in ten mothers perceive their offspring’s financial security as among the top priorities for their life, an estimated four of them never talked to (or get to discuss with) their life partner about the steps to be taken after their demise.

 It has also been found that most women underestimate their financial importance to their family by a long shot, and over half the women around the age of twenty-five have no form of insurance plan in force whatsoever.

A second opinion:

The same company, Aegon UK, published. Report about the situation. It is found that only less than half the female population aged twenty-five and over have been found to have some sort of effective life insurance coverage plan in force, with a similar number of them having no idea about the state support for their potential illnesses.

 One in three of them admitted their heavy reliance on the State if they were unable to earn for their family for a continued period. Over thirty per cent of their population has no idea the extent the State would support them too, while twenty-five per cent believed it would be greater than three hundred fifty GBP every month.

State reliance puts every family in a state of financial burden. Women earn more than twenty thousand GBP on an average per year, that is only halfway there when it comes to reliance on the State.

What you can do about it:

Discussion of these matters with the family. It is one of the most effective ways women have to deal with this insurance protection gap.

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