It is always advised to check if your loved one had insurance after he or she has passed away as the insurance company does not hold any responsibility to making you aware of such a scenario where you are the beneficiary to an insurance benefit but unaware.

Listed below are all the ways you can find out if your loved one had insurance or not:

  1. Check his/her bank statements:

Gather all his bank statements and check thoroughly for regular payments made towards an insurance company.

  • Check the mail

It is advised to keenly check all the mail that is sent to the deceased for the months following his or her death. In case he has insurance there will be notices regarding premium payments, policy terms, policy statements, or dividend notices sent to the deceased.

  • Look through the files

You may wanna check all storage units or cabinets or files of the deceased for evidence of life insurance such as policy papers, payment receipts.

  • Contact their accountants or attorney

If you are aware of your loved one’s financial professionals like his attorney or accountant you should go and talk to them and ask them if they are aware of the deceased having any life insurances. 

  • Review tax returns

The income tax returns have a record of claims of interest earned through life insurance policies, so it is advised you check them too to see if your loved one had life insurance.

  • Contact the state’s insurance department

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners can help you get in touch with the state’s insurance office. The office can intern help you to locate any insurance policies your loved one might have.

  • Use online resources or pay a company to help search

Websites like NAIC and unclaimed.org assists users to look for unclaimed assets. You can also take the help of several companies like MIB and Police Inspector who assist to search for lost term insurance policies.

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