What is a collapsed lung?

A collapsed lung more properly known as pneumothorax is a condition that occurs when air leaks into the space between the lungs and chest wall. The condition can be caused as a result of a blunt or penetrating chest injury, medical procedures or some lung diseases.

The condition is rare and the most common symptom of the condition is shortness of breath. If the hole in the lung is found to be large, a needle or tube can be used to remove the excess air.

Collapsed lung and life insurance

Since having a collapsed lung is a serious medical condition, life insurance providers will look through your medical history thoroughly before they can offer you a life insurance policy.

The insurance providers conduct a process known as underwriting, wherein the underwriter, who is a professional appointed by the insurers will look through many factors and medical information that will be provided by you to assess the level of risks involved in providing you with insurance cover.

The underwriter will decide if you are insurable or not and if you are insurable, he/she will also decide the rate of premium you should be paying for the insurance policy.

Factors that affect the cost of your insurance policy

Various factors affect the cost of your insurance policy, they include:

  • The details of your diagnosis

Insurers are mostly reluctant to provide coverage to individuals who have recently been diagnosed with the condition

  • Any underlying cause of the condition
  • The diameter or size of the puncture
  • The frequency of your symptoms
  • Any medications or treatments that you undergo to keep your condition in check

Most insurance providers will want to see a report from your GP to better understand your condition.


All insurance companies have different underwriting policies and hence the underwriting can have different outcomes for different insurance providers.

It is important you carefully consider all insurance providers and choose the one most suited to your needs and budget.

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