Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) is a heart condition which can be life-threatening for some people who experience longer episodes of a fast heart rate. Such cases require hospitalization and a permanent treatment through ablation. People who have had an ablation often worry about the fate of their life insurance application.


Normally, insurers do not view SVT, with or without an ablation as a high-risk condition because it is permanently treatable without the possibility of recurring. Nevertheless, the insurance provider will still want to take caution and enquire about your medical history on issues like when you received the ablation treatment, any other cardiovascular medical condition, age of diagnosis, approximate longest episodes of SVT, among others. This will aid the doctor in determining whether you pose an additional risk besides SVT ablation.


Luckily, most insurance providers treat SVT as low risk, even after having an ablation. This implies that you can get a life insurance cover that charges standard rates on monthly premiums. However, your insurer might identify a problem regarding your medical history and calculate a particular loading on the premiums. For providers who do not offer standard terms, a vast majority will raise your total premiums by 50%.

Case Study

Mr A is in his 40s and has been diagnosed with SVT. He wants to get covered with insurance to secure his family. He had undergone an ablation for SVT a year ago and has not had an irregular heartbeat or any other symptoms after ablation. In this case, Mr A can avail insurance cover of £400,000 for a 15-year term with a premium of £42.36 every month.

If you have previously had an ablation to treat SVT, enquire about your life insurance from multiple insurers to find the best deal possible.

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