Many people believe that life insurance is unobtainable if you suffer from any pre-existing or incurable condition and some even cancel their policy upon diagnosis or may increase the cost of your policy. However, the fact is securing life insurance is still very much achievable.

Sexually transmitted illness (STI) or Genital Herpes – what is it?

Sexually transmitted illness (STI) or Genital Herpes is an infection (STI) caused by a virus called herpes simplex. Once you are infected by the virus, it stays in your body. There’s no known cure for it so far. Symptoms can be cleared but the blisters can come back in a recurrence.

What questions are asked – Will it be embarrassing?

On application, once after the disclosure of the condition insurers may ask various questions surrounding your condition and its impact on your general health and day-to-day life. And these may include:

  • Date of your diagnosis
  • Treatments/medication undertaken.
  • Affect on your general health and life
  • Any other conditions related to it.

The insurance provider may also request for a medical checkup, which is a standard process for underwriting policies– this had nothing to do with your condition. The insurance provider might also request a complete medical report from your GP to obtain details of the STI diagnosis.

Once all of the medical evidence is received and assessed, the insurance provider might offer the policy on standard terms i.e., with no premiums increase. Or another potential outcome can be an increase in the base premium if insurance providers find your medical reports displaying any significant secondary condition related.

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