What is Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)?

PFO or Patent Foramen Ovale is a term that describes a condition where there is a hole between the two upper chambers of the heart (left and right atria). This hole is found to exist in foetuses and closes on its own after the child is born. PFO occurs when the hole fails to close itself after the foetus is born.

The opening may not necessarily be closed in case the individual does not suffer from additional heart conditions. The medical professionals usually advice people to surgically enclose the hole if there is a chance they would develop serious conditions later in their life.

Life insurance with PFO.

In most cases having a medical condition often means a non-standard rate of premium on life insurance policies. The insurance underwriter will look through your medical history with a fine-tooth comb to understand what exactly they are getting themselves into.

To understand your medical condition better they will ask for various pieces of medical information related to your medical condition. This will include the details of your diagnosis, the symptoms you had that lead to the diagnosis, any complications that the condition might have caused, the form of treatment or medication you practised to keep the condition under control and if you have undergone any surgical procedures in the past to deal with your condition.

Most life insurance providers will want to see a medical report from your GP to get a professional opinion on your medical condition. If the report provided by the GP is favourable you should be able to purchase insurance at attractive, sometimes even standard rates of premium.

If you have suffered any medical complication

In case you have suffered any medical complication, e.g. a blood clot but have fully recovered, your insurance application will remain unaffected by the condition provided your treatment for the condition was successful and significant time has passed since the condition has been resolved.

In case that does not happen, the complication could result in an increased rate in the insurance premium.

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