You need to put some things into considerations when buying life insurance. Will you be able to get life insurance with your health condition? And if not, what will be your next step? You need to ask yourself these questions when arranging for a life insurance policy. You may be having a blood clot and PFO and you are wondering whether you will get life insurance. Well, there is always hope if you try and if you are passionate about something, you will always make it happen. So, no worries. You can still get a life insurance policy to protect the future of your family.

What is the risk of PFO?

Having PFO causes blood clots that could get into your brain. Blood clots getting inside your brain could lead to a stroke.

How does blood clot and PFO affect life insurance?

The extent to which this condition will affect your life insurance policy will depend on the level of risk you pose to your insurance company. Underwriters will put the following into consideration:

  1. Are you having high blood pressure or diabetes? High blood pressure puts you at high risk of developing stroke or simply blood clots that could lead to stroke. You know why? When your pressure is high, the amount of non-oxygenated blood circulating to the left atrium increases.
  1. Are you a smoker? Smoking is a liability to most insurance companies. It leads to high blood pressure and a high level of toxins. This even doubles the risk of developing a stroke.
  • Have you gone through cardiovascular tests? What were the results? Most recent cardiovascular tests are important to underwriters. The test results will show how well you are putting your condition under control.
  1. Is there a prior history of stroke? If you are having a history of stroke, there is a chance it may reoccur.

You need to be careful when answering underwriting questions.

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