For those who have been diagnosed with hypertension and looking for the right life insurance cover? There are life insurance providers who can find the right protection for you. Life insurance providers can help you in many ways and this health condition should not stop you from getting life insurance, though you may need to speak with an experienced life insurance provider.

Some facts about hypertension and life insurance 

  • It’ is predicted that a third of the population of adults in the UK live with high blood pressure.
  • This equals somewhere around £16 million people.
  • Roughly a third of people don’t even recognize that they have the condition as it is largely symptom-free.
  • But there are shocking 62,000 deaths every year in the UK because of inadequate blood pressure control.

Why do insurance companies care if you have hypertension?

Are you wondering why is hypertension a matter of concern for life insurance providers? Consistent hypertension can make the vessels damaged in the form of weakening and narrowing or to rupture or leak. Such conditions can also lead to blood clots that can cause a stroke. As time passes, prolonged periods of hypertension can affect organs in the body. Needless to mention, the heart, brain, eyes, and kidneys are some organs that can get seriously affected.

How to prepare?

You need to ensure that you provide your insurer with the most recent blood pressure reading when you approach your application. Some life insurance providers may ask this to be done by a medical professional whereas others simply ask for the most recent reading. Either way, if you don’t have the necessary details, you should get it collected before you apply for life insurance.

Know more from experts

If you want to know more about life insurance with hypertension, feel free to connect with our life insurance experts.

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