Hughes Syndrome also referred to as sticky blood in connection with autoimmune disorders, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), cardiac attacks as well as arthritis. The disorder comes with possible outcomes and symptoms such as blood clots, poor vision and body imbalance.

Can you obtain life insurance while under sticky blood conditions?

L&G life insurance company simplifies your application process for Hughes condition at special rates. Stick to learn more about the policy definitions as well as the underwriting results and the overall policy functionality.

In the search for Life insurance with Hughes syndrome? Protect your partner, children and parents all together with a Life insurance policy from Legal and General. Your dear ones can be able to have the same lifestyle even in your absence due to death and from there, a pay-out from Legal and General can assist them in paying off huge pending debts like the mortgage.

You can also opt to select a family life insurance cover and, your family can have an assurance that those whom you leave behind have the protection they need. This insurance policy will cover several costs:

  • Expenses for maintaining home operations.
  • Funeral costs.
  • Medical costs about medications of your children in case of a critical illness or injurious event.
  • Expenses of a mortgage.


It’s much advisable to answer all insurance questions with clarity and accuracy when applying for Life insurance with Hughes’s condition. These questions include;

  • the date of diagnosis
  • the severity of the symptom
  • the medication in a place
  • your age

Failure to provide information regarding your condition can lead to your coverage cancellation, therefore, standing a chance to lose your claims.

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