IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a common disorder that causes pain in the stomach and causes problems like diarrhoea and constipation. It affects the large intestine and is a chronic condition that has to be well managed in the long term.

Common symptoms also include anxiety and depression.

IBS and Life Insurance

Since IBS is a common pre-existing condition most clients can obtain life insurance at standard rates. However, before offering you any life insurance policy the insurers will look into your medical history, present health condition and lifestyle closely to consider all factors.

Factors that affect the cost of life insurance

The cost of life insurance for someone suffering from IBS depends on a lot of factors.

Some of them are as follows

  • The medication you take for your IBS

In most cases people with irritable bowel syndrome, practice self –care and therapy to assist with their medical condition. These include physical exercise, high fibre diet and consumption of dietary fibre; however, in serious cases patients might take medication to control diarrhoea, antibiotics, laxative etc.

  • Your IBS symptoms and their frequency

IBS symptoms include diarrhoea, constipation, stomach cramps etc. if controlled well these symptoms do not occur regularly. If you suffer from IBS symptoms frequently and your condition is not well managed you might have to pay a higher rate of premium.

  • Additional health conditions

IBS can lead to other psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression. If you suffer from such conditions the insurers will want to know how well your condition(s) is controlled and they might have a significant effect on your premium.

  • The severity of your condition

If the bowel syndrome has interfered with your everyday life the insurers might stake a higher rate of premium.

Other factors that affect the cost of insurance include your age, lifestyle (if you smoke), BMI value and any other health condition independent of your BMI.

Read all policy-related documents carefully.

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