The ‘overweight’ beginning

The surgeries conducted to treat the obese people are known as bariatric surgery. If the BMI (Body Mass Index) is more then you are required to undergo this special surgery. There are various types of bariatric surgeries depending upon the BMI rate.

‘Body’ of the article

For people who are having a BMI of 47 should undergo a bariatric surgery named as gastric bypass procedure. After the surgery, the patient can reduce the weight of the body by 65% to 80%.

A person gets such a raised BMI because of overeating high-calorie content food or foods with high fat or oily food. At the initial stage, people are seemed not to take enough care and then slowly the problem takes a severe shape. Addressing the problem of obesity then becomes highly difficult.

After conducting the gastric bypass surgery the patients have to strictly follow a diet plan and a healthy routine life. The cost of undergoing such surgery is also extremely high. And thus it is always a good choice to get an insurance claim for the same.

The weighty conclusion

The wisest decision is to hire the best insurance agent to guide you and help you out to avail the best insurance policy in the market. The agent and his team will scrutinize all the facts and then select the best option for you. They will research and try to find out the premiums, any loading percentage involved and the disbursal amount and will evaluate all the pros and the cons and then suggest the best option.

Certain factors should be kept in mind like; the patient must be above eighteen years of age. The policyholder has to disclose all the health-related issues like; if he/she is suffering from any chronic ailments, heart diseases, sugar levels, diabetes etcetera. Moreover, a disclaimer is also required to be given if the patient is an alcoholic or a chain smoker.

So, in a nutshell, even if you are obese and have a BMI of 47 can avail life insurance.

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