Critical illness policy options

You can be covered on a level term basis or whole term until you recover fully. The level term covers you for a specified period after which the lump sum amount is paid. Premiums you will pay will depend on the information you provide to your underwriters and your circumstances. The underwriter would like to obtain a report from GP to know about which arteries are affected and why you need angioplasty and your health condition following the operation.

Do all insurers pay a critical insurance claim for angioplasty?

Angioplasty is not considered a full critical illness, although many insurance companies consider it a serious health condition. For this reason, most of them will fear to cover for angioplasty because according to them, it is enough to warrant an insurance claim. Sometimes you may be denied a policy if your condition is severe.

  • Other companies will agree to release a maximum of 10% of the sum assured even if the condition is critical.
  • Once the coronary angioplasty has been performed, some insurers, though not many, will offer up to 25% of the sum assured.

Important to note

Coronary angioplasty can be very severe and at this point, almost all insurance companies may not agree to offer a critical insurance policy that covers that condition. Getting a policy that suits your needs and its premiums are reasonable is achievable if you involve an insurance advisor. You should ensure the person you are working with has the knowledge and expertise in insurance and has access to insurers who can help you with all you need for you and your family.

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