Kidney Cancer is a condition that develops in the kidneys and happens when the kidney cells in either one or both of the kidneys grow abnormally to form a tumour.

The most common type of kidney cancer in adults is known as renal cell carcinoma, however, another less common type of kidney cancer can also occur.

Life insurance and Kidney Cancer

          Life insurance policies are available to patients who suffer or have a history of kidney cancer, the specification of the condition will, however, depend on a lot of factors relative to your medical condition and a few other general factors.

The symptoms and severity of each patient varies, which is the reason why unique and individual underwriting is conducted for every client.

Life insurance for individuals who have been diagnosed with kidney cancer recently.

Life insurance is not usually made available for patients who have just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. This is because the severity and other important details of the life insurance are not available for underwriting at the moment making it difficult for the insurers to determine the level of risk involved in providing you with life insurance.

If you have pre-existing insurance policies that were bought before your diagnosis they will not be affected by your condition.

If you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer

Life insurance policies are likely to be made unavailable if you are still undergoing treatment for kidney cancer. This is because treatments for kidney cancer do involve a certain amount of risk and have significant side effects on the patient’s health, making the situation rather uncertain and challenging for underwriting.

Therefore all treatment must be completed before you apply for life insurance.

If your treatment is complete

In case your treatment has been completed the insurers will be willing to provide you with a life insurance policy, however, the availability and cost will depend on varying details of your medical condition. These include the type of cancer, the stage, the severity and the information about the treatment and recovery of the patient.

The insurers always like to wait for 12 months, before they provide the client with life insurance to ensure their condition is stable.

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