Life is unpredictable. Some are born with diseases, and others may catch it sooner or later. Even the healthiest individuals who have no smoking or drinking habits can get cancer. If you are one of them, your mind must be thinking about getting life insurance in place.  

Many types of cancer affect different parts of the body. One of them is kidney cancer which is caused by obesity, smoking, old age, and hypertension. A patient suffering from kidney cancer will spot blood in their urine and they might even lose all the weight. Lower back pain, fever, abdominal lump, and no appetite could all be signs of having kidney cancer.

Life insurance after kidney cancer is not impossible, but it comes with a set of conditions and high premiums.

Kidney Cancer And Life Insurance

The insurance agents would want to know the kidney cancer stage, the severity, and the treatment that you are receiving.

Since they are taking a risk, they would call your doctor to understand the severity of the condition before approving. Please note that the patient’s general health and age will be taken into consideration. Based on the severity, age, and overall health, the insurance agents will give you a premium quote.

You must prepare yourself for a high premium!

In some cases, you may be denied to buy the policy. If a full recovery is possible, the insurance agents will still be able to quote you the premium price.

Instances When Life Insurance Can Be Denied

If the patient is undergoing treatment or has some more tests to go through, then it is not possible to take a life cover.

The underwriters cannot consider cover for patients who are undergoing treatment or have more tests to go through. There is a postponement period in between. Patients have to wait for 2 years after their treatment to buy life cover.

However, the insurance agents can speak to you about your current health condition 12 months after the treatment.

Kidney cancer and life insurance is a possibility. In case it is not too severe and you have already undergone treatment a year back, you CAN buy life cover. Speak to our insurance agent today

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