What is a Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancers, also referred to as renal cancer, are a health condition in which kidney cells become malignant and go out of control, developing a tumour. Almost all kidney cancers first occur in the lining of tiny tubes in the kidney. The good part is that most of these cancers are diagnosed before they spread to other organs.

Life insurance with Kidney Cancer:

Life insurance providers want to see that people with a history of kidney cancer have; received full cure; have completed regular doctor follow-up. Lifelong follow-up is crucial, as it can occur as many as 30 years after the initial diagnosis. The insurers you apply with will be looking precisely at:

  • Your age at diagnosis and the duration of time since diagnosis
  • The stage and level of cancer and the size of the tumour
  • Whether or not there was any recurrence of cancer after recovery
  • Duration of time since treatment and recovery and follow up visits as recommended by doctor
  • If you are a tobacco/drug/alcohol user and any other major health issues.

Your answers to the above question will help the insurer to determine whether or not you can qualify for life cover according to their respective underwriting philosophy.

How much will it cost?

Life Insurance for those who have had kidney cancer will often be offered with an increased premium price. The insurance provider will be particularly interested in the type, stage and level of kidney cancer that you had, treatment undertaken and if the remaining kidney is working well or not. There is a possibility that after a length of years since your last treatment you may be able to secure Life cover at standard terms; based upon the staging and grading of your diagnosis. If the kidney cancer had spread to the lymph nodes or had a high staging your life cover application would need to be placed with a specialist insurer. In circumstances where the kidney cancer was very severe, you may find that your application for Life Insurance is declined.

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