Kidney stones are hard accumulation of minerals and acid salts that stick together in concentrated urine. They can cause pain when passing through the urinary tract, but usually don’t cause permanent damage.

Life insurance for Kidney Stone carriers:

When you have had kidney stones, insurance providers will be interested in the number of times you have had the condition, frequency of symptoms, treatments undertaken and if there are any other related secondary conditions. Where kidney stones have been cured naturally, have been a one-off instance and there are no additional secondary conditions you could likely get life insurance at standard terms. If you suffer from kidney stones regularly, have required strong medication or surgery, or have related secondary conditions the insurer would like to speak with your general practitioner to establish your current state of health. In circumstances like this, the insurer may offer you life Insurance at special terms which would involve an increase to the base premium.

Critical Illness cover and Kidney Stone:

When obtaining Critical Illness Cover, kidney stones should be detailed within your application including details regarding the number of instances, secondary causes, treatments and medication undertaken. Where kidney stones have not been frequent with mild symptoms and have required little cure, you may be able to secure Critical Illness Cover at normal rates. If you suffered from kidney stones multiple times, required strong treatment and medication, or have additional conditions contributing to the kidney stone production, your policy may be accepted at non-standard terms. This means a premium increase or an exclusion applied to the policy for any claim related to the condition.

Income Protection with Kidney Stone:

Income Protection for kidney stones sufferers can be available at normal terms if they have not caused any time off work, with very mild symptoms, required little treatment and occurred infrequently. In case of regularly forming kidney stones and are linked to a secondary illness, the insurer may probably want to speak with your doctor to determine your general health. Following review of a medical result your application may then be accepted at standard terms, special terms (premium increase) or can also be declined.

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