In the United Kingdom, almost everyone takes up the opportunity of Father’s Day to appreciate their dads in the most colorful way. Dads are spoilt with every type of gift across expensive four-wheelers to foods, outings, drinks and other delicacies, just to make them feel appreciated. Research has shown, approximately £685 million is spent on dads on this day, with an aim to deliver the message, THANK YOU, DAD.

Appreciation is good accompanied by all way of surprises for them but the big question is, ‘can we fully payback for all they have done for us’? It’s very impossible to measure, calculate and come up with a value equivalent to all they have done. A leading insurer has to come up with a value of a dad as well as the cost incurred to replace him if he passes on.

The Value of Your Darling Dad

Research has shown that dads do an average of 47 hours work, that’s never paid for, still bearing in mind they do spend time with kids and engage in other home duties. L&G research has found the value of a dad to be £21,600 per year. If compared with the problems families would face without a dad, this would be horrible!


Most households don’t have protection cover on standby and this is where it calls for one when such times knock. Securing a cover would be more than appreciation since dads would have peace of mind knowing their families won’t be left begging for food.

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