Leukemia and Life Insurance

A more common name for blood cancer. It is necessary to obtain life insurance when you have leukemia as cancer cells grow rapidly and become a series.

How your situation is reviewed by an insurer

An insurer asks a lot of general questions before approving insurance which rates your application. Though the questions vary from insurer to insurer.

If you are actively battling it, some of the questions you will be asked are as under:

  • The date of when you were diagnosed
  • Stage of leukemia
  • Your present age
  • Recurrence history
  • Medication undergoing
  • The type of leukemia you were diagnosed with
  • Current blood count reading

If you are in remission, following details needs to be disclosed to the insurer

  • What type of leukemia do you have?
  • When was it originally diagnosed?
  • Have you experienced any symptoms in the last few months?
  • Details of treatment you are currently having
  • Proof of regular check-ups with your doctor
  • Lab test results of the last 6 months

Premium Rates

  1. You’ll get the standard rate with a base premium if there are no symptoms for more than 5 years and you have been in remission
  2. You’ll get sub-standard rate if you have been in remission for less than 5 years and have no symptoms within the last 6 months
  3. You’ll get higher premium rates if you have been in remission for less than 5 years

Search for Low-cost Life insurance

The market is full of life insurance companies. Each company has its fixed criteria for discussing a particular policy. For example: If you have stage 0 Leukemia and are under 50 years of age you qualify for a traditional policy but at a higher premium rate. At age above 75 applications will get rejected.

So it is always the best to look into the details of the package offered by various insurance companies, review them through the help of an independent insurance agent, and select the best life insurance agent.

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