Life insurance can help provide peace of mind for the financial future if you have dependents, such as a life partner or family or children. The right life insurance policy can provide financial support to your dependents in an event of your death, helping to cover for the loss of your income. If you have received any form of major organ transplants such as kidney transplant or liver transplant, you might find it difficult to obtain life insurance. Whether that be a kidney transplant, heart transplant, liver transplant, an organ transplant is a major operation and life insurance providers will take this seriously.

If you have undergone a kidney or liver transplant, life insurance providers must help you by showing you the right way, providing you with the best available options, and helping you make the right decisions. It is important to keep in mind that you will need to consult specialist life insurance providers who have experience in dealing with medical health condition life insurance cases.

Facts about kidney/liver transplant life insurance

There will be a period of up to 12 months after the Kidney transplant operation when life insurance can not be obtained.

After this period, life insurance may be available based on some key facts about your kidney transplant which include:

  • Results of recent tests (e.g. GFR and Creatinine)
  • Any other conditions or complications
  • Your age and overall health
  • Reason for your kidney/liver transplant
  • Any indications of rejection

Some factors that will affect your monthly premiums include:

  • The type of insurance product you’re looking for
  • The term of your kidney transplant life insurance policy.
  • Your current health condition, including any ongoing kidney/liver transplant symptoms.
  • The extent of your medical history.

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