Liver and kidney transplant are the most common organ transplants done in the medical world. It refers to a medical surgery wherein the donated organ (kidney, liver etc)  collected from a deceased-donor or living donor into an individual who is suffering from end-stage kidney/liver disease or has a dysfunctioning kidney or liver.

Patients who have undergone organ transplants recently are likely to suffer from post-operation complications and is usually declined life cover if he or she applies in the first two years after undergoing an organ transplant.

Kidney Transplant or Liver Transplant Life Insurance

Applying for life insurance after undergoing an organ transplant can be overwhelming and difficult, but you must remember its possible and that too at very attractive rates. The deciding factor on your insurance application will be your present health and the presence of any other medical condition you might have. If you have no current health issues and some significant time has passed since you had your transplant surgery you should be able to purchase life insurance under standard rates and terms.

Factors which affect the cost of your insurance

There are a few key factors that the life insurance providers will consider carefully while evaluating your life insurance application.

  • Your present medical state

One of the key factors that decide the availability and rate of your life insurance policy is your current medical state. The insurance underwriters will prefer if you are in your best of health and have no ongoing symptoms from your kidney transplant.

  • Your medical history

The insurance providers will look through your medical history thoroughly and address the reasons why you had to undergo the transplant and if those factors are still into play. The insurers will also look at other unrelated medical conditions you might have had in the past and consider their side effects on your health.

  • Your lifestyle

Needless to say that undergoing a transplant makes your life open to a lot of physical changes as well as lifestyle adjustments. The insurer will enquire about these changes as well and if you follow unhealthy lifestyle chances are you will have to pay very heavily for them or the insurers might refuse to cover you altogether.

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