It is possible to find affordable life insurance policies after recovering from prostate cancer, however, you may need to put in a lot of time and effort researching to find the insurance policy that you desire and which best suits your insurance needs.

Since all life insurance companies evaluate and process your life insurance applications differently it is important to know which companies offer the best insurance policies and at the lowest rates.

Life insurance

Insurance for individuals who have had prostate cancer in the past can be availed at very attractive rates and through many life insurance providers. The terms and rates however will depend on a lot of factors that are both relative to your medical condition and independent of it. Since the specifics of one’s medical condition is unique and varies from patient to patient the underwriting for each application even if they do suffer from the same medical condition will also be unique.

What do the insurers need to know?

There are a few pieces of information that will be required by the insurance providers to process your insurance application successfully. Some of them are listed below:

  • The time of diagnosis of your medical condition

The time of your diagnosis lets the insurance provider understand your familiarity with the medical condition.

  • If you are cancer-free
  • The grade and stage at which the cancer was diagnosed.

These pieces of medical information are vital for the insurance provider to understand the severity of your medical condition.

  • The form of treatment you underwent to deal with your medical condition

The insurance providers will need to know the form of treatment you practised and the medications you took to deal with your medical condition. Since some forms of treatment tend to have side effects the insurance underwriter will consider that too while underwriting your insurance application.

  • The details of your last medical treatment

The insurance underwriter will need the specifics of your last medical treatment to understand how long it’s been since you were declared cancer-free.


Life insurance for individuals who have a history of prostate cancer should be able to purchase life insurance through most life insurance providers. The rates and terms might vary depending on the insurer you approach.

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