Weight loss surgery is well known as ‘Gastric bypass surgery’ is generally offered to those individuals who are classed as having life-threatening obesity, typically over a BMI of 40. Understandably, deciding to have gastric bypass surgery is not a quick decision. It takes a lot of determination to get through the surgery and recovery process and complications that you will face.

When applying for an insurance policy after gastric bypass surgery insurers will want to know every detail regarding your surgery and if you have any other medical complications or conditions related to it.

Things your insurers will want to know:

  • What is your current weight?
  • Are you currently waiting to have a gastric bypass?
  • Have you already had weight loss surgery?
  • Are you fully recovered from surgery with no complications?

People that have had weight loss surgery in the last 5 years are required to detail this in every life insurance application. In case your surgery was over 5 years, it may not even pop up in the insurer’s questions. Apart from all of the questions above you may also be asked about your pre-surgery weight.

In case your surgery was over 5 years ago and your weight is now within a healthy BMI range, you might be able to secure standard terms for life insurance. Life insurance after gastric bypass surgery done within the last few years can be available if your weight now is what your insurers consider to be a healthy BMI, you can secure a policy but at non-standard terms. This will mean a premium increase. Please note, these increases are not usually as high as people think. If you still have a high BMI, your surgery was done recently or you have been left with complications post-surgery, your policy premiums may be increased further or your application might be declined by some insurers and you have to approach a specialist provider. 

In case you are currently waiting for surgery, and your BMI is still quite high, it can be trickier to get life insurance. That’s not to say that it is impossible! But this is because you are due to have surgery. Most insurers will delay offering cover to those that are due to have surgery. This is because the surgery itself is considered dangerous. 

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