Hepatitis is a medical condition that results in the inflammation of the liver of the patient. The inflammation can be caused as a result of several viruses and also by the exposure to various medications, alcohol, toxins, poisons and sometimes also as a result of an autoimmune condition.

Since this article is an introduction to life insurance for patients of autoimmune chronic hepatitis we are going to focus on just that.

What is autoimmune chronic hepatitis?

Autoimmune chronic hepatitis is a rare medical condition that results in the inflammation of the liver which is caused as a result of the immune system of an individual attacking its liver.

The cause of the condition is not known and symptoms of the condition often include fatigue, discomfort in the abdomen and pain in the joints.

How will life insurance providers view Auto-Immune Chronic Hepatitis?

There are two important things the life insurance companies will look for in patients who have hepatitis.

  1. The patient should have received or must be receiving treatment for his/her condition at the time of application.
  2. The patient must have completed regular follow up checkups to the medical professional.
  3. The patient should also follow a healthy lifestyle and must not indulge in alcohol or tobacco use of any sort.

Factors that affect the cost of insurance

There is a few information the insurance providers will want to process your life insurance application successfully.

Some of them are listed below:

  • The details of your diagnosis
  • The viral load of the patient
  • Results of your recent liver function test
  • Any liver diseases you might have
  • If you have developed cirrhosis?
  • Your most recent liver biopsy, CT scans or ultrasounds.
  • If you have another other medical condition?
  • The severity of your symptoms.
  • The form of treatment and medications you take to control your symptoms.
  • If you have been given the all-clear.


In mild cases of hepatitis, life insurance policies should be available but at non-standard or loaded rates of premium.

The availability and cost of the insurance will depend on a lot of factors like your treatment history, the severity of your symptom, your medical follow up and your medical history etc.

To know how the insurance policy will play out in your case you should contact our insurance agents.

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