It is well known that finding out that you have hepatitis can be quite an emotional experience. There are several different ways that you may be infected with hepatitis and it’s important that medical advice is followed, to try and avoid complications that it can cause due to which your life insurance application will be on stake.

Hepatitis and Life Insurance:

When applying for life insurance with hepatitis regardless of which type of viral hepatitis you have, insurers will request a full diagnosis, including any lasting symptoms which include a full overview of your medical history and may result in a liver biopsy based upon your selected provider. In cases where you’ve fully recovered from your hepatitis diagnosis with little or no inflammation of the liver or complications such as liver disease, life insurance will be offered under standard terms. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis where symptoms are still present, and treatment is required, hepatitis life insurance will be offered with a higher level of premiums. Your premiums for chronic hepatitis life insurance will depend upon:

  • The severity of your hepatitis diagnosis, including any related secondary medical conditions such as liver failure.
  • Your medical history.
  • The type of insurance product you’re looking for – (Income protection, critical illness cover etc).
  • The term of your hepatitis life insurance policy.

When applying for hepatitis life insurance, life insurance providers may add loadings to your premiums. This will be determined based on your current health, and if symptoms continue, an additional loading may be added. Please be aware that loading varies and will depend on the insurer you select to progress your hepatitis life insurance application with. Also note that another potential outcome of hepatitis life insurance may also include the addition of ‘exclusions’ on your policy. These exclusions are conditions which are linked to or caused by your viral hepatitis diagnosis and may be excluded from your hepatitis life insurance cover. This will however depend on your selected insurers underwritten criteria.

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