What Can You Do If You Are Declined For Life Insurance

Some people might get rejected for Life Insurance policies and this is only natural, but it is not the end of the road or this does not mean that you will never get a Life Insurance policy. You can always go for a different type of life insurance or you can appeal to this decision. It is totally up to you. 

There Are Two Types Of Life Insurance Policies

There are mainly two types of Life Insurance policies for you to choose from:

Term Life Insurance: This type of Life Insurance policies are set for a specific amount of time, such as 10-20 years. If you outlive the specified amount of time in your policy, the insurer does not pay a death benefit.

Permanent Life Insurance: These Life Insurance policies are for life. If you pay your premiums regularly, your family will receive a death benefit. You can also tap into this kind of policy which means you can take some of the death benefits when you want to, but doing that will cause that amount to be dropped from your death benefit.

How Can You Appeal Against An Underwriting

  1. After you have a copy of the decision, you should call your insurance company and ask them about their appeal process.
  • You should collect all evidence available, such as medical reports, doctor’s notes. Also, in these situations, we advise you to get help from an insurance attorney.
  • When you successfully appeal, following the procedure closely is crucial.
  1. If you follow up closely you won’t miss any deadlines or files that need your attention.
  • Before you start with the appeal process, it is strongly advised that you speak to one of our experts on this particular topic.

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