Overview: Single individuals do not usually have a dependant family and the idea of an exclusive Life Insurance may completely bizarre. However, some specific types of life insurance are particularly tailored and prove highly beneficial for single independent individuals.

Suitability: The two highly suitable life insurance policies for single individuals are Final Expense Life Insurance and Decreasing Order term Life Insurance, both of which have a specific benefit set that can be availed by the client based on his needs.

The Working Scheme:  A final expense life insurance covers everything associated with the passing of the applicant. In this particular scheme, the insurance company covers everything analogous to the demise such as funeral expenses, cremation cost as well as final medical costs.

                                  A decreasing order term life insurance is also a very suitable alternative for single individuals who have heavy outstanding debts and mortgages. The death benefit obtained from a decreasing order life insurance can be forwarded into paying off mortgages and debts loaned by the policyholder during his or her lifetime.

Contract Details: The Final Expense Insurance works like any other insurance policy and is paid every month. The sum of the monthly premium depends on the age of the applicant and the instalment amount is generally higher for older applicants as they are more likely to emit the last breath shortly.

                           In case of decreasing order term life insurance, the premium is paid every month and both the death benefit and premium sum are prefixed by the client and remain unchanged until the termination of the policy. The value of the death benefit keeps decreasing with time but still actively pays off outstanding debts and loans after the passing of the client.

The above two are the most suitable life insurance policies for individuals who are all about the free lifestyle and want to look out for themselves even from the beyond.

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