Are you a fisherman, trawlerman or deep-sea fisherman who is anxious about finding financial peace of mind should an accident or unexpected happen whilst fishing? This article is a guide which will give you a clear picture of Fisherman Life Insurance, its underwriting process and the questions that you may come across while applying for it.

Deep-sea fishermen – Can I secure standard terms for life insurance?

When you enquire about insurance for your fishing activities, insurers will take into consideration several factors associated with your fishing activities and your lifestyle. You must disclose every single risk related to your fishing activity, lifestyle, medical and other questions completely.

General lifestyle questions, that relate to your enquiry for fishing cover, may include your:

  • Personal health, fitness & lifestyle (e.g. smoking and/or alcohol consumption)
  • Height & weight
  • Age & health background

Other occupational and recreational questions related to your fishing activity may include:

  • Type of fishing activity (e.g. recreational, commercial industrial)
  • Location of fishing activity (close to shore or deep-sea; UK and/or overseas)
  • Frequency of participation in fishing and use of dangerous equipment
  • Income (for Income Protection enquiries)

Life Insurance for fishermen can often be secured at normal terms, but this will depend significantly on the types of vessel that you use, where you travel to (close to shore, deep-sea) and how frequently you are at sea. Fishermen on small vessels, deep-sea trips or regular excursions may find that their Life Insurance policy is offered at special terms which will likely involve an increase to the base monthly premiums or exclusions being applied to the policy terms.

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