Epilepsy and Benign Brain Cyst:

Epilepsy is a neurological medical condition classed as either symptomatic, cryptogenic or idiopathic epilepsy depending upon the reason for its onset; brain damage, symptoms of brain damage or no obvious cause, respectively. Epileptic symptoms occur when the electrical signals within the brain get disturbed, resulting in the body’s usual functioning to be affected (commonly seizures). Epilepsy can also be linked with Benign Brain Cyst which is also known as non-cancerous brain tumour which is caused a due mass of cells that grows relatively slowly in the brain. These non-cancerous tumours stay in one place and do not spread.

How does it affect your life insurance application?

Being diagnosed with both epilepsy and benign brain cyst can be both worrying and in some ways a relief. Relief that you finally know what about your condition is and you can treat epilepsy and brain tumour and improve your health, and worry about what it can mean for the future. Insurance providers may ask various questions surrounding your condition so it’s good to be prepared with all the evidence in hand.

Questions that you may be asked by your insurer:

  • What type of epilepsy do you have? And how severe is your tumour condition?
  • When were you diagnosed with epilepsy and benign brain tumour?
  • When did you last have a seizure?
  • How often do you have epileptic seizures?
  • What medication do you take?
  • Have you undergone any surgery or do you have scheduled surgery for your tumour?

Life insurance for people who have tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal epilepsy) or absence seizures (petit mal epilepsy) can often be arranged. Most epileptics should be able to get life insurance, but the acceptance terms of the policy will depend upon the type of seizures you have, the regularity of symptoms and how well managed the condition is. The more severe your condition is the higher will be your premiums and in some cases, insurers may also want a report from your doctor to determine you past and current health state and if they find the diagnosis is quite new it is likely that you may even be declined for the policy and may have to approach a specialist provider who can consider your application.

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