A benign brain cyst is a non-cancerous fluid-filled sac in the brain which does not grow or spread to other parts of the patient’s body. The cyst can either contain blood, pus and other body fluids/material.

While benign brain cysts are not cancerous they can still cause problems which can hinder the day to day activity of the patient and lead to issues like headache, vision problems or nausea. One of such issues that develop from having a benign brain cyst is epilepsy.

Life Insurance with benign brain cyst and epilepsy

Being able to find a suitable life insurance policy at an affordable cost can be a heavy task if you suffer from benign brain cyst alone, but since epilepsy is a condition that develops from the presence of a benign brain cyst life insurance may not be altogether impossible to purchase.

Most life insurance providers will want a medical report from your GP to support your life insurance application and to help them better understand your medical condition. they are not allowed to do so without your permission and all expenses related to the same will also be paid for by the insurance providers.

Things the insurance providers will need to know

Apart from the report from the GP, there are a few other medical information that will be required by the insurance providers to process your applications effectively. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The details of your diagnosis with the condition
  2. The severity of your condition
  3. The form of treatment you practice to deal with the condition and its symptoms
  4. The number of seizures you experience annually
  5. The intensity of these seizures
  6. If you have any other medical condition

It is important to remember that you must answer the above-mentioned questions with utmost sincerity and disclose all information that might seem relevant to the discussion at hand.


If your symptoms and conditions are mild then it is possible to be able to acquire life insurance policies at attractive rates through special life insurance providers. Most standard providers may refuse to cover you but that is not a reason to be disheartened. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and conditions, you may have to pay a higher rate of premium for your insurance.                                                  

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