Why does migraine matters while applying for life insurance?

There are importantly two key reasons why an insurer is going to care and ask for the details if you have been diagnosed with migraines. The first reason is that the insurance company will want to ensure that your diagnosis doesn’t affect your normal lifestyle. And second, the insurer would want to ensure that your migraines are not a symptom of some other pre-existing medical condition such as meningitis, Tumors, Traumatic brain injury, Intracranial pressure abnormalities or other conditions.

What can be a problem?

Two things that are severity and frequency upon which the decision of life insurance of a sufferer can vary significantly from one individual to another that can play a major role in determining the actual outcome of life insurance for the individual.

How can you get the right cover with migraines?

Let life insurance professionals do the analysis. The best thing you can do is to leave the decision to the insurer and trust them to provide you with the right cover. For that, you need to locate a recognizable life insurance company that specializes in offering life insurance to people with such conditions.

Another way is to disclose all the important details while applying for life insurance. If you don’t, the insurer can reject the claim and it can lead to troubles in the future.

What can be asked while applying for life insurance?

  • Some questions regarding the time that you suffered from a migraine?
  • About the frequency of migraines.
  • Some questions about the last time you suffered from a migraine.
  • If there is something specific that makes you suffer from a migraine.
  • Some questions regarding the severity of your Migraines.

For more details about life insurance with migraine, consult our life insurance professionals!

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