Migraine explained

A migraine is a neurological condition which is accompanied by mild to severe headaches. The headaches can aggravate with light, sound and certain kind of smells. Movements can worsen the condition and can prevent from doing normal tasks. A migraine usually lasts between three hours and 72 hours, and people avoid light, noise and smells which can increase the pain further.

Full disclosure about migraine a must

Though not a very serious condition, however, insurance companies demand that proper, accurate and full disclosures are made to them if you suffer from migraine problem. While the real causes of migraine are still unknown, usually it is seen followed by stress, anxiety, fatigue, low blood pressure depression and poor diet. As these problems also lead to certain other ailments, one should disclose about a migraine condition to the insurance company.

Insurance companies seek the status of the exact condition

The insurance company would want to know about the frequency and the severity of the attacks, any medications or treatment that you are going through and how are you responding to that treatment.

Premiums depend on the condition

If you are not a severe case of migraine, which means that the attacks are infrequent and do not occur severely, then it is possible to get insurance cover on standard terms. On the contrary, severe and frequent attacks of migraine could lead to your application being considered on special terms, which means higher premiums. Also, if any investigations have been done, then the insurer would like to know if any secondary or contributory illness have been found, or the results are all clear. If everything is in order then getting insurance cover on normal terms is highly possible. However, if there are chances of secondary or contributory ailment, the insurance company may ask for more premium, given the higher associated risk.

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