What is Nurse Life Insurance? Is it necessary for nurses to consider life insurance?

Life insurance for nurses is a policy that provides a financial benefit to designated beneficiaries should you die, within the policy terms. The size of the lump sum is set during the start of the plan. Nurses have a stressful and hazardous job. Nurses work with ill and injured people who have contagious or otherwise-transferable illnesses and diseases and are experiencing life-threatening medical complications. These issues can lead to a diminished lifespan for some nurses. The significance of life insurance in these cases cannot be understated. Reasons for buying life insurance vary widely due to different individual circumstances and varying life stages

How can you get Nurse Life Insurance?

Life insurance for nurses can offer valuable covers. Whether you are working for the NHS or through an agency it is worth finding out regarding the amount of cover provided through your employment. Death in service cover is often based on a multiple of salary and will usually form part of your employment benefits package. The amount of cover you need will depend on your financial needs, your insurers risk tolerance, and your budget. Insurers now have come up with some additional health questions especially for nurses due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. Some potential questions that you may come across while securing Nurse Life Insurance are as follows:

  • Have you worked with COVID patients?
  • Type of nurse you are?
  • Have you been exposed to risk blood?
  • Are you a qualified staff nurse or a junior nurse?
  • Have you had time off in the last few years or months?
  • Do you have any pre-existing health conditions?

Having answers to the following question above will help the insurance provider determine the cost of your monthly premiums and the policy terms being offered to you. In some cases, you might also experience exclusion being applied to your policy. This might happen due to any of your pre-existing medical conditions or the insurers seeing you as a high risk of making claims on certain conditions.

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