What is Hematoma?

A hematoma or subdural hematoma is a serious condition where blood collects outside the larger blood vessels. It is usually caused by a head injury or traumas. Symptoms of a hematoma can include:

  • Headache that keeps getting worse or feeling sick
  • Confusion and personality changes or mood swings
  • Feeling drowsy and unconsciousness
  • The symptoms can be seen soon after a severe head injury (acute subdural hematoma), or very occasionally or weeks after a more minor head injury (subacute or chronic subdural hematoma).

Can I get Life insurance following post Hematoma?

Several people wonder whether they will be able to arrange life insurance if they have experienced hematoma of the brain. Many of them say that they have already made an application, but they were either declined or were offered high premiums. But in general life insurance coverage can be available to people who have had hematoma of the brain. Having said that, insurers access each person on their own merits and arranging a life cover will depend upon your age at the time of diagnosis, what treatment have you undertaken, and the time since any operation you may have undergone. In case you are fully recovered and it has been a long time since you recovery from the condition and has no secondary condition linked to your hematoma condition you may be able to secure life insurance at standard terms i.e., a small premium increase But if your condition was recent and has left a secondary condition you might either be offered a very high premium for the policy and in some cases can also be declined for the policy however this will depend upon the insurance provider underwriting guidelines as every insurer have their way of underwriting and viewing a condition.

Please note that while accessing your application insurance underwriters might want to speak to your consultant  to fully understand your condition and its effects on your life and overall health condition which will help them underwrite your application fairly. This is a standard process and should not concern you.

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