Osteoarthritis condition is not in the category of high-risk conditions as it is classified to be a less serious disorder. It’s a condition that affects joints, causing pain, joints inflammation, stiffness and grinding joints. It’s mostly connected or linked with obesity, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The good news is, you can’t be put off for a health-related policy because of arthritis. That’s why we have Osteoarthritis Life Insurance to keep you pressing on.

Osteoarthritis Life Insurance applications are available at standard rates with many insurance providers in the United Kingdom, especially when the condition is not that serious and no surgery awaits to be done. If it happens that the disorder affects many joints and physicians have recommended strong medications, it’s very likely that personal regular premiums will increase. In other cases, if a surgery is pending, your application is held until that joint operation is done and has recovered.


As a human being, you’ve got joints vulnerable to Osteoarthritis, which comprises of

  • Hand Osteoarthritis
  • Knee Osteoarthritis and;
  • Hip Osteoarthritis

Underwriters do review applications made by clients that may lead to some outcomes after analysis. The main areas focused on by underwriters include:

  • When one was diagnosed with this condition.
  • Available family history on Osteoarthritis
  • Parts of your joints affected by the condition
  • Kind of therapy you are taking
  • If any operation pending or any that has ever been done


In general, no big issues accompany Osteoarthritis Life Insurance applications since it’s not a critical condition and it’s not put in the same class, as of other high-risk conditions. One can easily get life insurance for it. Talk to insurance advisers if you need further assistance on more information about Osteoarthritis Life Insurance.

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