Life insurance is an essential purchase for everyone, even more for those who are diagnosed with a health condition. If you have arthritis, you might be having the following questions playing in your head: Does Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis arthritis affect life insurance?

The Frequently Asked Questions

All applicants for life insurance will go through an underwriting process that determines their level of risk. You will be asked several questions during the process. Knowing them beforehand can help you prepare and provide all the necessary information to the underwriter.

The following are the most common questions:

  • Which type of arthritis do you have?
  • Have you had surgery before?
  • How frequently do you experience symptoms?
  • What treatment are you undergoing?
  • How old were you when you were diagnosed?

These questions will allow the insurer to establish the severity of your symptoms. The more severe they are, the higher your premium will be.

Does arthritis affect your life insurance?

The short answer is yes. Your arthritis is a factor that is considered in your insurance application. Generally, you will be given one of the following ratings based on your answers to the previous questions:

  • Standard: This means that you won’t have to pay more for your insurance.

  • Rated: Most arthritis patients with mild symptoms are given this rating. They will have to pay a slightly higher premium, depending on their risk class.

  • Decline: If your symptoms are especially severe and worsening, you may be denied life insurance.

Should you wait?

If you are worried about being denied or paying a high surcharge on your premium, you might consider waiting before applying.

Usually, waiting is not worth the risk. First of all, you don’t know when you or your family members might need the insurance. Secondly, you cannot tell for certain that your arthritis will improve. If it worsens, your chances of getting affordable life insurance are even lower.

Hence, it’s best to apply right away. If your condition improves, you can always apply for new cheaper policies.

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