Facts about diabetes in the UK

More than 700 people a day are diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, as per the new analysis done by Diabetes UK and Tesco.

The condition of diabetes in the UK is calling for more focus on prevention.

It is advisable for those who are ageing 40 to 74 to get an NHS Health Check and for greater investment in making sure that those people who are identified at high risk get the support they need and get more focus on prevention.

Can lead to disastrous consequences

If there is a continuous increase in people being diagnosed at this rate then the consequences will be disastrous. As the number of people with diabetes grows, we will likely witness even more people endure devastating health complications. It can lead to an increasing number of people dying young, amputation and kidney failure, and other health complications.

More focus on getting life insurance

Having life insurance is reliable protection, especially for those who have pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes. Yes, it is possible to get life insurance with diabetes, though you may need to get in touch with an experienced life insurance providers who specialize in getting life insurance for people with medical conditions,

People who suffer from diabetes are always worried about their life expectancy and more importantly, the financial future of loved ones, this is where life insurance comes out to play. Life insurance is peace of mind and much-needed protection for loved ones. If you have diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2), it is advisable to consult specialist life insurance providers

Know more from experts

If you want to know more about life insurance with diabetes, feel free to connect with our life insurance experts, they will help you find the right insurance.

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