Panic Disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that causes sudden tremors or a panic attack without the patient being in a stressful environment. A state of panic is usually caused when an individual finds him or herself in a stressful environment. The body prepares itself for the forthcoming danger and makes the body ready either to fight or flee the stressful environment.

Life insurance

The life insurance providers will thoroughly look through your medical history and details of your medical condition before they can discuss the availability and rate of your policy. If your condition is mild and well managed and does not interfere with your day to day activities you can be availed insurance at standard rates and terms. If on the other hand your condition is severe and interferes with your day to day life largely then you may be charged a high premium rate for the policy. The cost of your insurance will depend on the following factors:

  • The diagnosis of your condition- how were you diagnosed with the condition, if any particular events lead to the diagnosis, the symptoms you had, the time of your diagnosis and the time that has passed since then.
  • The frequency of attacks- the insurance underwriter will ask you about the frequency of your panic attacks, the number of attacks you have on an average can help determine the severity of the condition and can help the insurers decide if you are eligible for insurance.
  • If you have had any episodes of self-harm- if you have had episodes of self-harm you have to provide the necessary details to the insurance providers. The number of times you have had such episodes can have a huge impact on your insurance
  • Medication and therapy – you have to provide a detailed description of all medications and therapy you are currently taking and/or undergoing to manage your symptoms.
  • Time off work- if your disorder has caused you to take huge amounts of time off work it could affect your insurance.

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