Paralysis also known as ‘paraplegia’ can be caused by numerous factors such as genetic inheritance, spinal cord injury. The condition will generally result in an individual having a weakness in the leg muscles and stiffness to their gait. Whilst some diagnosed with paralysis may require a wheelchair to move around, others can also have the condition in a mild form without the need for walking aids.

Life insurance with Paralysis:

We know that having paraplegia does not stop you from having a full and active life. To secure life insurance with paralysis you need to provide certain information to your insurer and this information include:

  • When did you become paraplegic?
  • Is your paralysis complete or partial?
  • Have you undergone any surgery?
  • Do you have a catheter fitted?
  • Do you have any related complications e.g. frequent urinary tract infections?
  • Do you require an attendant?

Life insurance for those with paralysis is available with several insurers in the market. It is possible that the insurer will want to see a report from your general practitioner to confirm the cause of your paralysis and how you are controlling your health regularly. You will need to detail every single information related to your paralysis condition, if you have any additional health conditions and how much it affects your day-to-day living. Sometimes insurers may also consider your ability to work, as a good indicator of how much paraplegia affects you.

Where life insurance is available, it is likely to come at non-standard terms, in the form of a premium increase. Another possible consideration is your weight. If you have had one or two limbs removed, this can affect your BMI. If you have had one limb removed your BMI can fall lower than a normal insurers acceptance terms, if you have had two limbs removed your BMI can fall above the standard acceptance terms. It is important to explain to insurance providers the current situation so they have a clear picture and therefore process your application fairly.

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