If you’ve been looking for Life Insurance with Paralysis without best outcomes, here comes the hope and what you’ve been searching for. We understand that paralysis is a condition that has the potential of impacting your body functionality negatively as a result of the previous occurrence of injuries, accidents or spinal cord complications.

Brain disorder and spinal cord complications have become the common causes of paralysis among men and women and, so thinking about Life insurance as a plan B for your financial breakthrough is a big deal. In this article, we are going to take you this coverage from Legal and General and benefits thereof.

L&G Life insurance pays out when a successful claim is made. It can happen in two different circumstances which include;

When the legal owner of the policy dies. The pay-out goes to the appointed nominees or beneficiaries

When the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness- that has no cure and only limits you to live for less than 12 months or less- according to your doctor

When you die, your family and loved ones can receive a lump sum of maximum £10,000 of a genuine and a successful claim made by the claimant. It is an earlier payment package release meant to assist the bereaved family in their funeral costs. It happens when there is a delay in the claim made for a full cash payment.


Funeral pledge from L&G applies to all life insurance covers having death benefit claims. When an agreement reaches for a funeral pledge release, Legal and General verifies the information of the funeral director and confirms the pay-out and afterwards makes direct payments to the funeral director.

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