Life Insurance for pilots will usually be considered normal cover and pilots life insurance should be effortlessly obtainable with standard terms. However, for military or helicopter pilots, and flight instructors’ pilots life insurance may come with some loading as these are considered to impose a higher risk. During your application for pilots life insurance, your insurance providers will need full details of your flight activity and may even require your full medical history.

Securing Life Insurance as a Pilot:

Being a pilot will not have a huge impact on a Life Insurance application that you place. We are usually able to secure standard terms for pilots Life Insurance, provided you do not have a significant medical history or regularly travel to unsafe countries. The amount of your premiums for pilots life insurance will depend on your type of aviation and the risk involved in it.  When applying for Life Insurance for pilots the insurers you apply to will likely ask you certain questions and these include:

  • What type of aviation?
  • What is your medical history?
  • How many private pilot hours have you logged?
  • Do you work with helicopters?

So long as you do not get involved in excessive private aviation too then a lot of insurance providers should offer you cover at normal terms.

In case you are a helicopter pilot please be aware that your application may be processed differently to that of an aeroplane pilot. Insurers consider helicopter use as more unsafe than aeroplane travel. If any of your activity as a pilot is considered higher risk, your cost for pilots life insurance may be increased to offset the risk imposed. Underwriting criteria for pilots life insurance varies for every insurance company so it’s important to remember that you may obtain pilots life insurance elsewhere if you have been declined previously.

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