Why need Life Insurance when suffering from Polymyalgia Rheumatic

This disease is an inflammatory disorder of muscles that affects mostly the shoulders, neck, arms, hips causing stiffness and muscular pain in them and is worse in the morning.

Polymyalgia is never cured but through the right treatment would help you to lead a comfortable life. However, right from diagnosis to the treatment with follow-ups, all this puts a financial burden on the patient family which usually causes difficulty for people with limited sources of income and may result in irregular treatment. So it is advised to obtain life insurance that would cover pre and post-treatment expenses and would not put you in debt

How to get a life Insurance when suffering from Polymyalgia Rheumatic

You can afford life insurance at Standard terms with an affordable premium if your polymyalgia has not reached a severe condition and with a little medication only you are living a healthy life. Still when symptoms are severe and proper medication is in use, the insurer considers many factors before issuing a policy.

One needs to find a professional and experiences insurance agent who is a specialist in finding Life Insurance solutions for someone suffering from medivcatl condition like Polymyalgia Rheumatic for those as this medical condition may affect the cost and availability of Life Insurance. If you have any other mediacl condition associated with it, then it may impact you finding a life insurance. Still each case is individually reviewed and rated and one can get a minimum sum insured of £25,000.

Non-disclosure of any information results in the decline of your application for insurance and if there is a severe condition then the policy may be available at a high premium rate.


It would be a wise decision to timely take a policy of your future from any unexpected expenses towards a health issue

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