What is Pre-diabetes?

Pre-diabetes means in addition to your daily blood sugar levels being higher, your A1C readings — 3-month glucose average is between 5.7 and 6.

Red flag for insurance companies

If your blood sugar levels are above normal it is surely a red flag for the insurance companies. If you are considering taking life insurance in such a state, you should be prepared to pay higher to get a cover versus someone healthy.

Expensive proposition

While getting life insurance should not be a trouble, it is the cost at which it will be available to you, could be higher compared to a non-diabetic. The reason for the same is that the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke is much higher in a pre-diabetic person. This being the case, you become a riskier person to insure versus a non-diabetic, which is why the insurance company will charge you more for giving a life cover.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you find that your glucose levels are higher than acceptable limit, then it might be a good idea to follow a good regimen to bring those levels under control before opting for a life insurance medical exam.

Some of the things that you can do will be as follows:

  • Exercise: If you start exercising regularly it will help in keeping the glucose under check and will also be beneficial for your heart.
  • Shed weight: Lose some weight which will also go a long way in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Eat right and healthy: Increase the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains in your diet, this will keep your pancreas healthy and improve A1C readings.

Once your A1C readings are below 5.7, it will be easier for you to get life insurance. While it is possible to get life insurance without medical exam also, those policies will cost you more and have a lower cover.

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