Diabetes is a health condition characterized by high glucose levels in the blood and is characterized by the inability of the body to process insurance or the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

          A pre-diabetic condition is a condition in which the blood glucose level is high, but not high enough to be described as diabetes.

What is pre-diabetic?

          The main factor in determining your diabetic condition is the Hb1Ac test. This test gives the insurance company an idea about the diabetic condition of the patient over the past three months. Any value of the test result above 6.0 is considered diabetic. Likewise, a result value of 5.7 and 6.0 is considered pre-diabetic.

A pre-diabetic is still approved for insurance, however, the rates of the premium are not exactly the lowest. Being a pre-diabetic patient means you are at a higher risk of heart illness and stroke, which intern means you are more likely to also die.

How to get the best insurance deal even if you are pre-diabetic?

          If you think that your blood sugar level may be on the rise, you should always visit and consult with your physician before you take the medical test for life insurance. If your tests result indicates you are pre-diabetic, here are a few things you can do to make sure it lowers before your insurance medical exam:

  • Lose weight – losing a good amount of your body weight can help you maintain your blood sugar level
  • Regular exercise – working out helps you burn calories (glucose) and helps to maintain blood sugar while also improving your heart condition.
  • Eating a healthy diet – decreasing the amount of your sugar intake and loading your diet with healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains can help your blood glucose level to be controlled.

Any HbA1c test value of 5.7 or lower should be offered life insurance at an excellent premium rate. It is also advised you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid habits like smoking and drinking.

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