Prediabetes Life Insurance

Prediabetic or prediabetes is the term used to indicate that a person is at higher risk and likely to get diabetes shortly. This is calculated through a person’s HbA1C readings, more close to diabetes readings means the person is prediabetic. To get life insurance with diabetes is a hard thing, yet here we will be discussing how to get life insurance if someone is prediabetic.

What if I already have diabetes?

If you are diagnosed with diabetes and have more than 6.0 A1C and you can get life insurance cover but you’ll get higher premium rates so your policy will cost higher in comparison to someone who doesn’t have diabetes.

Essentials of prediabetes

The insurance companies will be interested in getting the following information from you.

  • What is your Average reading of HbA1C?
  • How do you manage your health problems?
  • Any medication prescribed to control your sugar levers?
  • How many doctors think that you are at risk of getting diabetes?
  • This information will help insurance companies to better understand your condition and to consider you as diabetic or non-diabetic. Also, it will help in deciding the cost of your premium.
  • How to get life insurance with the risk of being prediabetic?

Premium Rates and Prediabetes

You can get a life insurance premium at a higher rate if you are at a lower risk of prediabetes. But there is one more option, you can get a no exam term life insurance. In this type of life insurance, no medical exam is taken, but the premium cost is higher than standard rates.

Even though it is difficult to get life insurance at standard rates with the risk of prediabetes, getting life insurance even at a higher rate is worth it, as it provides you mental satisfaction that the future of your loved ones or family or beneficiaries is secured.

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