Brand new treatments and medicine have positively impacted the overall health of people with HIV in the United Kingdom. As a result, the top most insurance providers in Great Britain have been directed to give extra protection plans to those applying for HIV life cover :

  • Life Insurance cover
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Income protection cover.

This urge comes after people living with HIV/AIDS had interests in purchasing the covers where; around 90% out of 100% considered the IP or the CIC policies. Most of these individuals have not been ailing or even reported for any ailment.

The known occurrences of health issues include:

  • stomach upsets
  • foods poisoning
  • flu conditions

Due to this impact, the insurance industry goes on to receive encouragement to launch IP and CIC coverages for these disadvantaged people.

Legal and General is one of the top insurers in the UK offering protection products to people having different circumstances. When it comes to HIV, AIDS still takes the lead of being an extreme condition with relevance to the underwriting process- as a condition with huge risks and still have no cure.

With Legal and General, it’s a requirement to test for HIV through a direct client correspondence. During such a process, Legal won’t ask individuals if they are sexually active and won’t request “now and then” tests.

During the application process, your form will ask if you are HIV positive or whether the HIV tests are pending. Note that if you refuse to go through HIV testing, any form of coverage requested by you, won’t be given and a circumstance such as being checked and diagnosed with STDs known to have serious complications onwards, highly triggers the need for HIV testing.

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