Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory condition that occurs in psoriasis patients. The condition affects the joints and can be challenging to live with once it starts affecting the joints in the hand.   

The availability and cost of the insurance will largely be affected by the severity of your condition. If your condition is mild, well managed and in control you will be offered your desired life insurance policy at an attractive rate. The premium rates and terms are likely to be extensively affected if your condition is severe and interferes greatly with your day to day activities.

Factors the availability and cost of your insurance will depend on that are relative to your medical condition:

  1. Your diagnosis with Psoriatic Arthritis

The time since your diagnosis with psoriatic arthritis plays a major role in determining if the insurers can provide you with an insurance policy or not. The insurers are generally reluctant to offer insurance to anyone who has recently been diagnosed with a medical condition and has not achieved a general state of stability or familiarity with the condition.

  • The management of your medical symptoms

The level of control you have over your symptoms affects the terms of your policy. Life insurance providers are more likely to offer life insurance to individuals who can manage their medical symptoms well and do not allow them to affect their day to day activities by a great extent.

  • Any surgical procedures you might have required

In severe cases of psoriatic arthritis surgical assistance is required to deal with the symptoms and to improve the manageability of the condition for the patients.

  • Additional health conditions

Your insurance application process is likely to be complicated if you suffer from additional medical conditions. The insurance cost will also be higher if you suffer from additional conditions as the insurer underwriters will have to consider that too while underwriting your insurance application.


The impact psoriatic arthritis has on your day to day like will decide the availability and cost of your life insurance policy. 

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