Psoriatic Arthritis is a condition that usually occurs in psoriasis patients. It is an inflammatory condition in the joints and can disrupt your everyday life particularly in cases when arthritis affects the joints in the hands.

There are certain treatments and home control measures that can help keep the condition in check.

The rate of premium is directly related to the severity of your condition, the severe your arthritis the higher your rate of premium.

The insurance company may ask you the following questions:

  • When were you diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis?

To understand your health condition and to determine the severity or progress of your condition the insurance company will ask you the details of your diagnosis.

  • How well have you managed your health condition?

To be able to qualify for a minimal rate of premium you have to prove to the insurance company that you have good control over your medical condition and that the risk factors included in providing you with life insurance are negligible.

  • Whether you have had surgery as a control measure for your arthritis?

Sometimes your arthritis can get so severe that surgery may be required. If you have had surgery in the past to control your arthritis you are required to provide the details of the said surgery to the insurance agent.

  • If you have suffered from any other health conditions?

The insurance company will look through your medical history with a fine-tooth comb. This also means any other medical conditions or complications that may or may not be a result of arthritis. You will be required to provide details of all health complications/conditions that you have or have had to present a clear picture of the insurance agency.

Read all insurance terms and condition carefully.

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