Being told you have cancer can be overwhelming in itself and having to go through the same experience again and again can be emotionally and mentally devastating. While you may feel like your shot at a safe financial future is lost because of your medical condition we are here to prove you wrong.

Life insurance policies for most cancer survivors are available and sometimes even at rates with minimal loading.

What is recurrent cancer?

Recurrent cancer refers to cancer developed in a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer before but had undergone relevant treatment.

Cancer that develops or is discovered after treatment or after a period during which cancer could not be detected is referred to as recurrent cancer. Cancer can reoccur at the previous site of growth or might reoccur at any other part of the body.

Can I get life insurance with recurrent cancer?

Any individual who has been declared cancer-free is eligible to apply for the life insurance policy of their choice. A life insurance policy will make sure that the financial future of your loved ones is secure if anything were to happen to you.

Things insurance providers need to know.

The insurance providers make sure they underwrite each insurance application thoroughly before offering the applicant a life insurance policy of any sort. There are a few medical details the insurance providers will need to know to underwrite your application thoroughly.

  • What type of cancer did you have? (both diagnosis)
  • When were you diagnosed with cancer? (both diagnosis)
  • What staging and grading was cancer? (both diagnosis)
  • Do you undergo chemotherapy or other treatment? (both diagnosis)
  • When did you last receive treatment for cancer?
  • Have you been given the all-clear?

You must wait for a certain period before you apply for life insurance after you have been declared cancer-free. The insurance providers usually like to wait to after you have undergone all medical treatments to make sure your medical condition has stabilised.

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