Can I Obtain A Vital Life Insurance If I Have Recurrent Cancer?

In many cases, there are chances of cancer to return to the same part of the body or in some other part of the body, in this case, it is advisable to get vital life insurance for recurrent cancer. As Recurrent cancer is seen as a risk by the insurance companies, there are many factors which are taken into consideration when applying for life insurance with cancer. Two main factors among these are the type and stage of your cancer.

  • They will contact your doctor or medical facility you have been treated and ask about your medical details which may affect your policy and cover.
  • Insurance companies may even ask for a new medical examination before accepting your application for vital life insurance. After the evaluation process, your policy can be approved.
  • The insurance companies will want to wait at least 2-3 years after cancer recovery before they issue a life insurance policy for people with cancer.
  • At first, it is only natural that your premiums will be higher, as the time passes your premiums will decrease as the recurrence risk of the cancer decreases.

What You Need To Know About Cancer Vital Life Insurance

There is an Act(Disability Discrimination Act or DDA in short) which contains special rules about insurance and if you have or had cancer, the insurance companies will apply this action to your policy. It may be difficult to increase the cover of your policy for some years. However, you should keep the policy going because it will always be easier than getting new life insurance for yourself. You may also want to ask your insurer about a “special event option”.

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